About Us


Cruach Design was inspired by the creative functionality its founders experienced in outdoor living overseas. 

We are all at home in nature and despite the weather, the outdoors comforts and revives us.

Our experience stimulated our thoughts and enthused our manufacturing capabilities – It is time to enhance Ireland’s outdoor luxury living potential. 

The use of Corten or weathering steel is not only sensible due to its zero maintenance, strength and durability, it is symbolic in that nature boosts the colour and vitality of Corten over time, adding to its strength, durability and lifespan by activating a protective layer, it symbolises the restorative and revitalising properties of spending time in nature. 

Our products deepen the appeal of the outdoors, pulling you towards the space and incentivising  relaxation and luxury.

Who We Are

The arc off in the shed was visible until bedtime from the kitchen window. From the age of 8, Liam marvelled the spark and throughout his twenties and thirties, while gaining invaluable experience in offshore oil and gas, he was planning and developing a turnkey engineering facility adjacent to his home house where the spark originated. Liam managed through the assistance and commitment of family, friends and local tradesmen, the build and fit-out of the commercial unit of 4000ft2  and equipped it with modern and traditional machinery all while overseas. He was simultaneously developing a portfolio of inspirations for the work it would facilitate.

In 2018 following a long and inspiring journey home, Fabworx was born to Liam and Dani Kavanagh.

What We Do

Since Fabworx establishment in 2018, the family business has grown into a reputable local employer with the assistance of our knowledgeable Local Enterprise Office in Longford. We created a strong foot hold as a supplier and service provider to businesses in Construction, Food Processing and Architectural Metalwork while scratching the creative itch by taking on opportunities to showcase our creative potential through community projects. 

Our bread and butter is metal fabrication, our niche is taking it to new limits.


Irish Quality And Reputation

Cruach was born out of Fabworx and our passion for bringing engineering to everyday life and enjoyment. There is a play element to engineering that is not always of opportune when working in industry, though we fully intend to continue the exploration of boundaries through bespoke industrial manufacturing and architectural metalwork too.

Cruach Design combines our love of playful creative engineering, industrial strength and living with nature in our charmingly Irish milieu. Follow #engineeringcreativity.

While inspired by global cultures, our products are designed, manufactured and shipped locally with Irish Engineering and Design Quality craftsmanship.

A Sustainable Choice

Cruach, meaning ‘steel’, ‘as Gaeilge’ is our sustainable material of choice, did you know it is the most recycled item in the world? It is also amongst the easiest to reprocess as it can be separated magnetically from the waste stream. Furthermore, steel is our area of expertise. Through Cruach Design, we are softening our industrial use of it and adapting its use for outdoor living and artistic purpose.

Our products are specially designed for the Irish market. We use quality graded steel and build it to last generations. We also offer bespoke solutions because we believe in the concept of something being

‘made for you’.

We’d be sentimental like that and truly enjoy the process of bringing an idea to life.

Homemade Irish garden-ware and sculpture to activate the magnetism of outdoor living. Irish quality built to last generations.

Le meas, Liam and Dani Kavanagh Founders of Fabworx Ltd T/A Cruach Design

If you’d like to visit the workshop or pick up an order in person, we are typically around from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm on weekdays.
We always recommend having an appointment, so we don’t miss you.

Our products are designed, manufactured and quality checked at our workshop in Ballymahon, Co Longford. Watch the Fabworx movie here for a glimpse into our workshop capabilities, team spirit and company heritage.